We offer a variety of Music Therapy sessions for children and their families

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Individual sessions for private clients

Our service for children with additional needs uses instrumental play, singing, and musical games to promote communication, social interaction, focus, playfulness, and mental wellbeing. We can arrange for your child to be seen in school, at home, at a local children’s centre, or online.

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School provisions

Having a therapy provision in school means referrals are taken up quickly, the therapist has easy access to education professionals, therapy can be adaptive and responsive to individual needs, and strategies and interventions which are successful in therapy can be applied across the school.

School packages start at 2 sessions per week over the academic year. Therapy consultation meetings, liaison with staff, team meetings, and professional reports are all included in the package.

Family Music Therapy session

Family groups

Our Music Therapy family groups are focused on improving early years and child development for children with additional needs as well as providing a space for parents to meet, chat, and engage with their children through music.

We have a range of child-friendly instruments for the group to use and sing a variety of songs throughout the session.

Our groups currently run in Berkshire and Surrey, or we can help you set up something new in your community.



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