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Mindful Music is a short-term therapy using music and imagery therapy that supports young people and adults who are experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, and social isolation. It can be offered to small groups or individuals and can be accessed in-person or online. Watch our videos to learn about Mindful Music.

Introducing Mindful Music

Case study – The Game of Life

How does Mindful Music work?

Mindful Music helps us recall positive feelings and moments in our lives. These feelings are strengthened through creating images as we listen to music. The music helps us to stay with these feelings, much as mindfulness meditation helps us to stay with the feeling of stillness. With support from the therapist over time, we strengthen these feelings within us. We can then more easily call upon this inner strength and positivity when we need it most.

No experience of drawing is needed – images can be shapes, blocks of colour or pictures, like the ones below:



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