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Music therapy

Why choose Music therapy?

Music is a means of non-verbal communication and self-expression. Children are naturally expressive through art forms and through play, making music easily accessible and a non-threatening form of therapy.

Music therapy session with Rima Jakubauskus

Music therapy is a recognised health profession in the UK and in many countries worldwide. All UK therapists are highly trained at a master’s level and are certified with the Health and Care Professions Council.

What happens in a Music therapy session?

↓ see below for video examples of music therapy ↓

What if I don’t know anything about music?

The therapist is a trained musician and will use music to facilitate communication, play and exploration. Music uses the same techniques that we use every day for building relationships – listening, turn-taking, sharing, using eye contact – and it’s also used for self-expression.

Anyone can engage in music-making, regardless of ability or disability.

Music therapy examples

Music therapy for a young boy

Working with a girl with autism

Videos from British Association for Music Therapy

Why hire a music therapist?

WHAT: Why hire an arts therapist?

Read more about the benefits of music therapy – and other forms of arts therapy – from the Health & Care Professions Council which regulates our profession

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